Let’s Go To Vegas

Hey baby, let’s go to VegasKiss the single life good-byeHey baby, let’s go to VegasBet on love and let it ride Lyin’ on the bank of the riverStars are dancin’, Lord it’s hotHoldin’ you is what I live forI just had a crazy thought Hey baby, let’s go to VegasKiss the single life good-byeHey baby, […]

Someone Else’s Dream

Her momma’s still got that sequin gown that she wore in ’68She taught her early how to smile that smile and wave from the paradeIt took a whole lot of years and tearsFor her momma to finally admitNo matter how many stitches and pinsThat old dress was never gonna fit She was daddy’s little girlMomma’s […]

If This Is The End

Our love is the moonOur love is the kingdom comeOur love is a flameOur love is a will be doneOur love is a jewel, a diamond and roughBut you don’t want itYou don’t wanna take [Chorus:]If this is the endI don’t wanna knowThis timeIf this is the endI don’t wanna go homeThis timeIf this is […]

My Wild Frontier

How do I feel? Well, I feel so aloneLike a sad armadillo across this desert I roamI’ve been stripped down, bare, ’til I breakStill the wheel keeps turning Had me a sweet one, I tell no lieSummer nights in the cornfieldsWhen the corn gets so highWe traveled clear across Wichita, headin’ northLeavin’ civilization And there […]

Somebody Stand By Me

It’s quiet here tonightThere’s a light burnin’ far awayIt burns in my heartIn the rain, in the darkWell, this girl’s gonna have her day I’ve been this alone for so longI’m beginning to wonder whyI stand in one placeDifferent name, different faceBut no one’s gonna see meBreak down and cry Won’t somebody stand by meStand […]