If I had just one tear running down your cheekMaybe I could cope maybe I’d get some sleepIf I had just one moment at your expenseMaybe all my misery would be well spent Yeah…. Could you cry a littleLie just a littlePretend that you’re feeling a little more painI gave now I ‘m wantingSomething in […]

I Can’t Do That Anymore

Cut my hair the way you wantedWatched you become importantQuit my job to make our new home far awayNow you’re Mr. Successful and I’m queen of the treadmillTrying to stay the size you think that I should stayI used to dream about what I would beLast night I dreamed about a washing machine I keep […]

Go The Distance

You got me headed in a new directionGot no reason to turn aroundAin’t got no looking back or second guessingIt’s time to find what love is really all about Go the distanceLet our hearts lead us onAll the way to forever tonightCan’t resist itThe feelin’s way too strongGo the distance this time The road to […]

Love Ain’t Like That

You can’t buy it at the storeTry it on for sizeThen bring it back if it don’t feel rightNo love, love ain’t like that You can’t trade it inLike an automobileThat’s got too many miles an’ rust on it’s wheelsNo love, love ain’t like that Love ain’t that easy to defineYou can’t build it by […]

Let’s Make Love

Baby I’ve been drifting awayDreaming all dayOf holidng youTouching youThe only thing I want to doIs be with youAs close to youAs I can be Let’s make loveAll night longUntil all our strength is goneHold on tightJust let goI want to feel you in my soulUntil the sun comes upLet’s make loveOh, baby Do you […]