Back To You

Baby I’m gonna find my way back to you I’m lying in dirt watching these shadows dancing across the wallsNothing to do but think of you and count the tears that fallOh how I wish it was realI wish I could feel you holding me closeOh I think I know for sureI should’ve never let […]

Just About Now

Just about nowI’d be watching you wake upFeeling my heart beat with yoursJust about nowIs when we would make loveLike all of the mornings beforeBut I know it don’t help to turn the clock back‘Cause I’m not gonna make it‘Til I face this fact This is not about trying to go back in timeThis is […]

Better Days

Hard times are fallin’ on youEven when you smile I see the hurt come throughAnd I know it feels like it’s never gonna endYou say nothin’s been right for a long timeAnd every step you take is an uphill climbI see you’re reachin’ outSo let me tell you friend that Better days are comin’ aroundI […]

I Love You

I must be crazy nowMaybe I dream too muchBut when I think of youI long to feel your touch To whisper in your earWords that are old as timeWords only you would hearIf only you were mine I wish I could go back to the very first day I saw youShould’ve made my move when […]

If You're Gonna Fly Away

If you’re gonna fly awayDon’t fly without meDon’t go nowhereI need you babeHas the sun gone down on youHave you given up on truthI wish I could say all the right thingsTo make your pain go away I wish you knew how beautiful you are in every wayWhen the world is falling downJust kneel with […]