I've Got This Friend

I’ve got this friend who is lonelyShe’s afraid she’ll never find her one and onlyA little shy but she can be funIf the right guy came alongWould you know someone I’ve got this friend and it sounds crazyBut he’s been feeling that way too a whole lot latelyAnd interested, oh I’m sure he’d beI can […]

Piece Of My Heart

Didn’t I make you feelLike you were the only manAnd didn’t I give you everythingThat a woman possibly canEach time I tell myself I think I’ve had enoughWell I’m gonna show you baby that a woman can be toughSo come on, come on, come on and Take itTake another little piece of my heart now […]

Love Is A Sweet Thing

He was sitting on a corner with a bottle of beerAnd the same shopping cart he’d been pushing for yearsA big smile on his faceLike the first day of springAll the people looked the other way, but they heard him singAnd he sang "LoveLove is a sweet thing"He sang "loveLove is a sweet thing" She […]

Just Around The Eyes

Just around the eyesThat’s where you remind meOf someone I left behind meI’m sorry if I stareBut you must have stirred a memory and it caught me by surpriseBut it was only for a momentAnd just around the eyes Something in your touchTook me back a long wayAnd made me say the wrong nameI wish […]


[Spoken:]I love the way you stand in my wayYou won’t move ’til you get a yesAnd how you tell me that my nameIt tastes so sweet on your lipsI love the way you hold me with your eyesHold me so tight that I can’t moveIt’s like everything I’ve ever known is aliveAnd you’re the simple […]