Baby You Belong

There’s a reason whyYou can look up every nightEvery star in heaven is in its placeThere’s a reason whyThe ferment pulls up tightAnd waves rolling to a shore that always wadesAnd just like that [Chorus:]Baby you belongOh, baby you belongNothing’s ever been so meant to beYou ever felt so right to meEvery single part of […]

Bringing Out The Elvis

You’re bringing out the Elvis in meYou’re bringing out the Elvis in me Just like a fossilFrozen in time I could not moveMy heart, my soul, my feetThen you unearthed meAnd put me in a hot pulsating grooveNow I’m a slave to the beat You’re bringing out the Elvis in meMaking my hips want to […]

But I Will

Remember when I said the next time would be the last timeThat time came this mornin’ when you came inYou always had a line to change my mindSo I guess you thought I’d just let you break my heart again I don’t want to stop lovin’ you:but I willI don’t like wakin’ up alone:but I […]

Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me

If I could win your heartIf you’d let me in your heartI’d be so happy, babyJust for these arms to beHolding you close to meThere’s nothing in this world I won’t tryNo limit to what I’d do to make you mine, ’cause I’d climb right up to the skyI’d take down the starsJust to be […]


I’ve changed my hair, my clothes, almostEverything about myselfI can’t believe I tried to be somebody I’m notFor someone else, yeahIt took finding you to finally understandWhat it’s like to be loved for who I am MeThat’s all I have to giveWhat you get is what you see, yeahNo second guessing, no pretendingWith you, all […]