Ain’t Got No Dough

[Eve]Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yoBet I make you a believerFever, what you catch when you see herCheater, that be you check your beeper 9-1-1Never Eve stressin’ for your lovin’I don’t want nonePeep her, two seaterLook at you nigga actin’ like you need herYou run blocks with your henney on the rocksYou don’t think […]

Let Me Blow Ya Mind

[Eve]Uh, uh, uh, huhYo, yoDrop your glasses, shake your assesFace screwed up like you having hot flashesWhich one, pick one, this one, classicRed from blonde, yeah bitch I’m drasticWhy this, why that, lips stop askinListen to me baby, relax and start passinExpressway, hair back, weavin through the trafficThis one strong should be labeled as a […]

Party In The Rain

ft. Mashonda Yo betcha never heard of a joint so knockinThis one reach em allHip hop to hard rockersEven they outta there mindHatas can’t blockaI’m take controlEnjoy this chart topperGot no time to sit downYou jus gotta jump upI need yo attentionListenin to meSee I’m up in the zone nowWhere you all belong nowNigga need […]


[Verse 1]Now I’ma do this thing like it ain’t done beforeNever leave the game stranded, I had to give moreI’ma give you what you want, what you waitin’ for?Make the music that the people can’t ignoreA lotta niggas is bitches, a lotta bitches be trippin’A lotta them be wishin’ that they was in my positionA […]


[Verse 1]Uh, c’mon, uh, yo, yoNiggas they drug her up like liquidHow she dish shitMan, woman, boy and girl got addictedDamn she flipped it, when gone they missed itBeen on cuz, they can’t stop her climbNigga you digs it?Want that, Well you can keep thatCuz other bitches out there wack but you can’t see thatE-V […]