Figure You Out

[Chorus:]Lady look I’m tryna figure you out (OK)I’m tryna find out what you all about (Yeah)Baby girl I wanna get in ya head (My head?)Damn is you everything that you said? (No Doubt)Mean no harm. I admire ya style (Hmm)Just take a second baby here me outI know ya game you tryna make me shoutYo […]

No, No, No

[Answer Machine Noise] [Stephen Marley]Yo, EveThis is Steve [Laughing]Yeah we telling, ya know how in the clubHook this up togetherGive me a call when you get the messageRasta [Damien Marley (Eve)]Now this one is elementaryWe going to end it for the centuryRuff Ryder evolution presentaryRag-a-muffin play-mentryYo (Uh, Come On, yo) Bumba [Chorus (x2)][Eve – singing]No, […]

Double R What

[Intro][Jadakiss:] What up what up what up, yea![Styles:] Eve let’s do it again! Hahaha… [Verse 1: Styles]Yea it’s the ghost Jada and EveI squeeze my shit, I don’t wave it and leaveY’all motherfuckin’ extra lameHere’s the game, when I shoot seeds, your man can catch your brainHe looked a hero when he drove the taxi […]

Let This Go

[Chorus]You and me should just let this goWe never did take the time, to try to hold onI’m thinkin’ that you and me, should just let this goWe never did take the time, to try to hold onI’m sick of that Yea it’s hard. Breakin’ up ain’t never easy. Believe meBut fuck that. I wasn’t […]

Stuck Up

[CJ]Yo Eve, where you at man I’m tires of talkin’ to this answering machine shitI seen you earlier but you know you was with them Ruff Ryder niggasI ain’t really fuckin with it like that shit [Eve]Yo, yo nigga if you shy move onOnly room for a thug that can hold onKeep me right in […]