Gotta Man

[Little Girl]I got a boyfriend now [laughs] [Eve]C’mon, uh, uh, uh, yo, yo [1] – Gotta man that I think I’m gon’ love foreverAnd forever, we’ll be together (C’mon)No matter where he goes, I’ll be thinkin’ of himI’m gonna love him, I’m gonna love him [Repeat 1] [Eve]Yo, Yo, this nigga lookin’ like love, no […]


Ladies and gentleman(Ladies and gentleman)One-two, one-twoE-V-E, party time [1] – All my East Coast niggaz get all the chipsAll my West Coast niggaz get all the chipsAll my Down South niggaz get all the chipsAll my Ruff Ryder niggaz get all the chipsLet’s go, let’s go, let’s goLet’s go, let’s go, let’s goLet’s go, let’s […]

Scenario 2000 (Jigga My Nigga Remix)

[Swizz Beatz](mmm, mmmm)See y’all don’t understand us you knowRuff Ryders is a familyRuff Ryders… Ruff Ryders… Ruff RydersLets go… Swizz Beatz [DMX]This is the darkest shit, sparkest shitHittin wit the hardest Shit, cuz before we started shitWit kidz I knew my friendz all turned against meSaid fuck it, bought me a dog ever since me […]

Got What You Need

[Swizz Beatz]Yo stop the tape, hold onListen man, this SwizzIt’s not a game, it’s goin downWe ain’t playin wit y’allScorpion, sting that assAnd we doin this for the.. two-thousand-and-one, let’s rockWorld, premiereWorld, premiereE-V-E, let’s, let’s get it, get itStop.. [Chorus 1: Swizz Beatz]I Got What You NeedSo tell me what you needI Got What You […]

Hey Y’all

Yea Yea, Evie EveAnd you know, you better know [Snoop Dogg]I keep some chuck’s on my feet khakis on my legsTrunk full of funk nigga while im breaking breadSliding through your system banging, bobbing headsDoing mines and I don’t care what other niggaz sayingThey can pop it, but they can’t stop it, boy I’m getting […]