Be Me

I’m just trying to be me. . . to be me [Chorus: 2X’s]One. . .Cause I really wanna see the worldTwo. . . Always knew I was a super girlThree. . . Staying laced in diamonds and pearls (to be me)That’s the way you gotta treat a girl [Verse One]Uh ohWhen I was broke cats […]

Heaven Only Knows

[1] – Heaven only knows(heaven only knows)Heaven only knowsHeaven only knows(heaven only knows)Heaven only knows My story [Verse 1]Went from dancing on tabletops to making labels popFor the love of the money so I could cock everything from icy rings to drop tops and now I’m on topBut to look back on my reality happy […]

Let’s Talk About

[Eve (Drag-on)]Ugh (Come on, uh)Uh-huh (Flame on, uh, come on, uh)Uh-uh-uh-uh (Flame on, uh, come on, uh)Yo, yo (uh, uh) [Eve]Let’s talk about who I amBlond bee, find me in the hood with my peoplesLove y’all, hate the rest of y’all that I can see throughAbove that, I can’t feel nothin’ unless it’s lethalTestin’ your […]

Scream Double R

[The chorus is drowned out and in the back round][Chorus (x2)][Eve (DMX)]Get that ass up and Scream Double R (What!)We ain’t going nowhere we made it this far (Uh -1st time come on – 2nd)Let me see my, my dogs [growls]Let me hear my, my dogs [Barks] [DMX (Over Chorus)]Uh, What, Uh, My Baby,My, Baby, […]

As I Grow

[Eve]Turn your negitive into a positiveThis one is for the kidsHmm [Chorus: Eve]People hear me when I talk yea (As I grow)People try to break me but I (Still stand strong)Cuz this life that I live it’s (All I know)And can nobody can take me off this (Path I travel on)People hear me when I […]