[Verse 1]It ain’t so much about the words I say but how I say ’emAnd I’m gon play this game the best and make sure that I slay ’emEven my enemies impressed ’bout how I make my movesThey tried to step it up but can’t ’cause they just fake and loseMy niggas double R but […]

My Enemies

Uh, what? What? Huh [1] – My enemies, my enemiesAll of y’all is my enemiesMy enemies, my enemiesFuck y’all niggas, my enemiesMy enemies, my enemiesPlaya-hataz, my enemiesMy enemies, my enemiesFuck y’all niggas, my enemies Yo, yo, yoCrackass can’t bother meWatch me get money with the double R teamNiggaz be schemin’ about robbin’ meChicks mad they […]

Dog Match

[DMX]Ugh! (Whoa) Ugh!(Woo!) Ugh! Ugh! (Arf! Arf! Arf!)Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!Now for every real dogThere’s that bitch that’s behind himThat bitch that when that nigga get to missin’She gon’ find himOld girl gonna stand with the dogHand in hand with the dogAnd whatever the fuck went down she ran with the dogFirst time I had a […]

Philly, Philly

[Beenie Siegal]Beenie SiegalPhilly is where I’m from [Beenie Siegal]We from P-H-I-L-A period, PA period, Eve they hearing itBelieve they fearing it, but loving it thoughI hate the game, fuck the fame but I’m loving the doughYou couldn’t tell me in a million yearsAnd a thousands bars that I roam the reservoir with dogsShow the world […]

My Bitches

Uh,Uh,Uh,Uh,Uh My bitches my bitches that’ll change the locksMy bitches my bitches that’ll cut up your clothesMy bitches my bitches that’ll steal your stashMy bitches are bold my bitches are coldMy bitches my bitches that’ll smuggle your drugsMy bitches my bitches that’ll hold you downMy bitches even when you out of townMy bitches is smooth […]