I’ll Try Something New

EDDIE:I will build you a castle with a tower so high‘Til it reaches the moonI’ll gather melodies from birdies that flyAnd compose you a tune,Give you lovin’ as warm as Mama’s oven andIf that don’t do, then I’ll try something newALL EXCEPT DIANA AND EDDIE:I’ll try something new DIANA:Oh, I will take you away with […]

Forever Came Today

There you were standing thereAs your eyes reached down to meSomething warm in your eyesTouched my heart right then and thereAll the love I never knew,I found in you Suddenly, my world stood stillMy life was then fulfilledAs you gently touched my hand,I knew that we had laid a planFor everlasting loveThat I’d been forever […]

In and Out of Love

Keep falling in and out of love (keep falling in and out of love)In search for what I’m dreaming ofI long to find a love I’m sure aboutThat certain kind of love that moves all doubts Keep falling in and out of love (keep falling in and out of love)Still searching for that special one […]

How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone

CHORUS:How long has that evening train been gone (whoa whoa)?I wanna knowHow long has that evening train been gone (whoa whoa)? I have a babe that was standing at the stationWaiting for a trainI ran to the door with my heart in my hand (heart in my hand)And all my future plans (future plans) I’ve […]

No Matter What Sign You Are

(Capricorn) Ow! (Scorpio) Yeah(Taurus, Gemini, Virgo) Yeah yeah yeah(Cancer) Ow! (Pisces) Yeah(Leo, Libra, Aries)(Aquarius, Sagittarius) The moon shines bright aboveBut the charts declare it’s not my night for loveOh, deep in my heart,I feel a good vibration (good vibration)Sayin’ you and me, babeWould make a good combination (good combination) There’s no need to look into […]