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can you tell mehow do you feelhow do you feeltalk, talk to me in your letter it said you wanted to talk to metalk talk to me to methat you’re missing my lovingasking am i gonna give it to ya she said i like the way you put it down on me me babythat there’s […]

Fast Cars

Fast cars,Fast women,Speed bikes with the nitro in them,Dangerous when driven,Those are the type that I be feeling [x2] Sitting there while I observe,I like your lines I love your curves,Checking out your bodywork,How can I get with her,Your the one that I want,Do anything to turn you on,Somebody please just pass the keys so […]

Last Night

yo you don’t even know about this girl i met last nightshe was badyou’ve never seen nothing like it, trust me who be your casanovaand we don’t stop dr dr dr dr drop the flavawho be your casanovacraig david o yeah and we don’t stopcraig david on the risecraig david on the rise stepped in […]

Key To My Heart

Lonely hours, Lonely days, Never meant to drive you away from me, I shouldda listened to ya lady and what you had to say, If only… I never knew how much you feel for somebody after you’ve let them go (let them go) And you find out that it’s too late to let your feelings […]

Fill Me In

(All right)(Come on)(Can you fill me in) I was checking this girl next doorWhen her parents went outShe phoned said hey boy, come on right aroundSo I knock at the doorYou was standing with a bottle of red wineReady to pourDressed in all that Satin and Lace to the floor So I went inThen we […]