A selfish act of decencyI supplied you on the phoneFaded past, lost memoriesYou think it best if I go I kept you around for when I fall downI’ll need you there for meUnto you, I’ll give my heartBut then you take it all away from me Leave it alone, while I’m pushing awayI don’t feel […]


I feel it coming from a far off placeI need assistance with a change of paceIn my heart now there’s an empty spaceBut you can change itBring your heart my way I’ve been through this alone beforeI know no other wayI wish that I could have the heart to stayLosing what we started forDestroyed everythingRemnants […]

Better Part Of Me

Something says to me don’t be afraidBut if I don’t worry I’ll surely slip awayI need to speak to you, hear what you sayBut if I breathe too hard I think I’ll go insane There’s a part of me so insecureOf all that I could have and all that I’ve gone throughIf there could be […]

Could I've Been

Could I’ve beenSomething more than what I’ve becomeReally wonderful than some Then today I heard a sade sad song I sangAnd it was wonderful with painAnd stop believing and I started thinkingIt could be my mindThat’s got me all choked up insideWith thoughts of all thsoe fears I hideAnd I stop thinking how I start […]

Difference Of Opinion

I see my life is taking time away from meChains that bind the things I want to change, I can’t break freeI told you so, now I can’t let goOf the things I’ve strived so hard to be I’m afraid I’ve come too farMy changing life’s been torn apartBut I won’t give up on my […]