Biggest Part Of Me

If you’ve ever had a broken heart,You promise yourself to never let it happen again.Don’t wanna think about it.Don’t wanna dream about it,But it finds its way back into your head.The "I love you’s, I need you’s"Are only words that people say,They’re just words, when they’re hand in hand,With the games that people play, but, […]

Love Of My Life

First, first time I looked into your eyesI saw heaven, oh, heaven in your eyesEverything I did before you, wasn’t worth my whileIt should’ve been you all the timeI do anything, and everything to please youYou know how much I need youYou’re always, always, on my mind You’re more than wonderfulMore than amazingIrreplaceable, love, love, […]

Jam Knock

[1] – Baby don’t stop, let your body rockWhile you listen to my jam knockWe can party all nightIf you don’t stop, let your body rockWhile you listen to my jam knock Friday night, after 8, smiling’ face, just got paidYou know how it feelsGotta find the party, paint the townPick a hootie, go get […]

I Remember You

How,How we carried on How i used to walk with you, and talk with you until i moved away Oh, although somethings may change others stay the same We’re not for anymore But can you come out and play you wore pigtails and hand me downs I bang the piano play the clown and though […]


Are you lonely for me Sunday night Two weeks past The last time I saw your face Our separate way We decided to go Now I find myself Sittin’ down Thinkin’ bout Everything To this place We’ve come to how ? We used to be down Memories of you Could you be thinkin’ ’bout me […]