Hangin’ in the VIP Saw him comin’ to holla at me a Playboy pique my curiosity when He asked me if I wanted to trade I was on my second drink and Feelin’ sexy, now what is he thinkin’? Bangin’, dancin’, which way is he swingin’? What did he want from me? Oh I Aint’ […]

All You Had To Say

All you had to sayWas that you want meAll you had to sayWas that you caredAll you had to sayWas that you love meInstead you were Never really there You came into my lifeWhen I was with somebody elseI opened up my heart to youAnd told you how I feltI never looked at you As […]

10,000 Times

Been in love 10,000 times, and I’ve been hurt 10,000 timesYet and still you want a try But what would do if I gave my love to youWould you hurt me too Been a long time since I been seriousNow you’re curiousWell I can’t stand to feel your touchI might start to like it a […]