Dysentery Gary

Got a lotta heartacheHe’s a fuckin weaselHis issues make my mind acheWant to make a dealCause I love your little motionsYou do with your pigtailsWhat a nice creationWorth another night in jail He’s a player, diarrhea giver, tried to grow his hair outWhen friends were listening to SlayerI would like to find him Friday nightHanging […]

Grandpa (Hidden, Green)

Uno, dos, trieze, quatros When you fucked grandpaDid he tell you that he loved you?Did he hold you til the sun did riseAnd did he look into your eyesAnd ask you to filate himAnd stick a finger or two in his ass He seems like a total assholeGrandpa is a total fucking assholeWho would ever […]

Adams Song

I never thought I’d die aloneI laughed the loudest who’d have known?I traced the cord back to the wallNo wonder it was never plugged in at allI took my time, I hurried upThe choice was mine I didn’t think enoughI’m too depressed to go onYou’ll be sorry when I’m gone I never conquered, rarely came16 […]

High Road

Now i`m trying to say good bye,they meant to might be dry out.Now `im trying to say hello,took your whore and drink u dont know.chorus : dont take the high road,that said u laugh about itget in the car and drive away. Now u did it just for fight,cause u love it when is dryand […]

Happy Holidays, You Bastard

It’s Christmas Eve and I’ve only wrapped two fucking presentsIt’s Christmas Eve and I’ve only wrapped two fucking presentsAnd I hate, hate, hate your gutsI hate, hate, hate your gutsAnd I’ll never talk to you againUnless your mom will touch my cockI’ll never talk to you againEjaculate into a sockI’ll never talk to you againI’ll […]