Don't Say You Love Me.

Verse 1:Got introduced to you by a friendYou were cute and all that, baby you set the trendYes you did ohThe next thing I know we’re down at the cinemaWe’re sitting there, you said you love meWhat’s that about? Verse 2:You’re moving too fast, I don’t understand youI’m not ready yet, baby I can’t pretendNo […]

Dancing With Myself

From the walls of TokyoIn London town’s a go-goWith the record selectionAnd the mirror’s reflectionI’ll be dancing with myselfWhen there’s no one else in sightIn the crowded, lonely nightWell, I wait so long for my love vibrationAnd I’m dancing with myself Oh, oh, oh dancing with myselfOh, oh, oh dancing with myself Well there’s nothing […]

Reebok Commercial

You are better than me,Girls money and everything I…Try to compete with youBut you beat me at everything I do I see in youThe things that I would like to beBut I’m different from youSo you will have to be like me I cannot be bought mypersonality is what I chooseI was brought up without […]

Does My Breath Smell?

Who makes up all the rules about those girls I want?Who tells them all to laugh?Who tells them all to talk about me? And I’m not sure what my purpose is for being hereWhy do they, why do theyAlways kick me in the groin when I come near And I’m not complaining it just hurts […]

I’m Sorry

Don’t bide your time‘Cause it is almost overAnd I know you’re downAnd I’ll see you around And I know it hurtsBut you’re just getting olderAnd I know you’ll winYou’ll do it once again Just yesterdayIt always seemed like such a dreamWe’re unstoppable, indestructableNothing happens to our machine And there’s no harmAt least nothing I can […]