Anthem Part 2

Everything has fallen to piecesEarth is dying, help me JesusWe need guidance, we’ve been misledYoung and hostile but not stupid Corporate leaders, politiciansKids can’t vote, adults elect themLaws that rule the school and workplaceSigns that cautions sixteen’s unsafe We really need to see this throughWe never wanted to be abusedWe’ll never give up, it’s no […]


Home show, mom won’t knowRun out the back doorHe’s passed out on the floorThird time, been caught twiceForgive our neighbor BobI think he humped the dog But good things come to those who waitCause she laid meAnd mom and dad posses the keyInstant slaveryNo need explain the planNo need to even botherI’ll pack my bags […]


You and I should get away for awhileI just want to be alone with your smileBuy some candy and cigarettes and we’ll get in my carWe’ll blast the stereo and we’ll drive to Madagascar Because when I’m with you there’s nothing I wouldn’t doI just want to be your only oneI’m grasping out at straws […]

Story of a Lonely Guy

Push it outFake a smileAvert disaster just in timeI need a drinkCause in a while worthless answers from friends of mineIt’s dumb to ask, cool to ignoreGirls possess me but they’re never mine I made my entranceAvoided hazardsChecked my engine, I fell behindDada, dada, dada, dadaI fell behindDada, dada, dada, dada She makes me feel […]


Crossed the streetnaked at nightBent over to show some moonlightPulled out some beer and gulped it downNude in a gutter is how I was foundThrown in a police car and the door slammedno noise just silence as I screamed my dick was jammedNow in prison for one month no one to seeAll I got is […]