A freight train to the rightfeeling that sting of prideIt’s fucking with me it’s fucking with youAll’s fair in love and waruntil you say it isn’t but you’re wrongWords on the back of flyersMy clothes are in the dryerIt means nothingNothing is changing La familia is dead and goneThe children grew up and moved on […]


You don’t need nothingand I know that you won’t even tryDon’t wait for me to help youit’s too late for any of my advice No trustAll I got is liesBoringall right Misplaced your valuesForgot the importance of being rightdon’t sit there and act humbleI’ve heard your story a thousand times No trustAll I got is […]

Rock Show

Hangin out behind the club on the weekendActin stupid gettin drunk with my best friendsI couldn’t wait for the summer and the Warped TourI remember it’s the first time that I saw her there She’s gettin kicked outta school ’cause she’s failingI’m kinda nervous ’cause I think all her friends hate meShe’s the one she’ll […]

Going Away to College

lease take me by the handIts so cold out tonightI’ll put blankets on the bedI won’t turn off the lightJust don’t forget to think about meAnd I won’t forget youI’ll write you once a week she said Why does it feel the sameTo fall in love or break it offAnd if young love is just […]

I Won't Be Home For Christmas

I can’t describe the joy they bringCause joy is something they don’t bring meMy girlfriend is by my side>>From the roof are hanging sicles of iceTheir whining voices get irritatingIt’s Christmas time againIt’s time to be nice to the people you can’t standAll yearI’m growing tired of all this Christmas cheerYou people scare mePlease stay […]