[Manny]See these broads, I like’em and shitWish I could, give all these hoes a picturemy dickSee I like’em and psyche’em, then I get in the winI might just need you and leave you at a quarter past 10 butI ain’t gon’ lie, yo’ pussy was goodBut your mouth is better so I wish you wouldWorkin’ […]

Big Tymers (Intro)

[Mannie Fresh]Have you ever met a balla in whole damn lifeWit plenty money, plenty bitches, and a whole lot of iceI’m that nigga man, tha one they talkin aboutI’m that nigga man, wit tha big ass houseMove over, Range RoverI fuckin told ya [Bullet Proof]Bubba gotta brand new solja [Mannie Fresh]Who bought this bitch, Cash […]

Big Tymers

[Baby]For sure, lil’ oneOff top, playboyLook hereThese lil’ young jive motherfuckers just jumpin’ off the porch [B.G.]Let me at ’em [Baby]Better catch they motherfuckin’ cut, niggaLook, this block is mineAnd I don’t need these niggas playin’ with our hoes‘Cause they’re my hoes (say, playboy)I done fucked the whole block already, ya understand [B.G.]We don’t even […]


[Baby]Now since I live in these motherfucking projectsPolice don’t want to see us in cadillacsI bought a woman on gold to match my goalsAnd I don’t have to drop one of my hoesI got a Lexus and a BenzExpedition on chrome partnerWith 20 inch rimsA hummer and a rose royceI got a candy helicopter in […]

How U Luv That (Vol. 2 version)

[Juvenile:]Aw, manMan I sho’ need this one here manIt’s gon’ be so hugeI know everyone out there gon’ luv this one ya heard me [Manny Fresh:]Now, who the fuck got cars for daysCrazy hoes and momo’s with the 20 inch bladesMe and the Misses, drivin’ ExpeditionsThe back stabbin’ friends (smooch) blowin’ kissesChrome struck bitches, wood […]