Egg Man

I looked out the window and seen his bald headI ran to the fridge and pulled out an eggScoped him with my scopes he had no hairLaunched that shot and he was caught out thereSaw the convertible driving byLoaded up the slingshot and let one flyHe went for his to find he didn’t have onePut […]

Mike On The Mic

I met this girl last night with a peculiar cackleI laid the bait and then she took the tackleHad too much to drink at the Red LobsterNow the room is spinning around like the blades of a helicopterI never met a girl that was too finickyIf the press has their way then they’re going to […]

3 Minute Rule

Now here we go dropping science dropping it all overLike bumping around the town like when you’re driving a Range RoverExpanding the horizons and expanding the parametersExpanding the rhymes of sucker M.C. amateursNaugels, Isaac Newton Scientific E.Z.Ben Franklin with the kite getting over with the keyRock shocking the mic as many times times the times […]