Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey, that funky MonkeyBrass Monkey junkieThat funky Monkey Got this dance that’s more than realDrink Brass Monkey here’s how you feelPut your left leg down, your right leg upTilt your head back let’s finish the cupM.C.A. with the bottleD. rocks the canAdrock gets nice with Charlie ChanWe’re offered Moet, we don’t mind ChivasWherever we […]


I Can’t Stand It I Know You Planned ItBut I’m Gonna Set It Straight, This WatergateI Can’t Stand Rocking When I’m In HereBecause Your Crystal Bal Ain’t So Crystal ClearSo While You Sit Backand Wonder WhyI Got This Fucking Thorn In My SideOh My, It’s A MirageI’m Tellin’ Y’all It’s a Sabotage So Listen Up […]

Posse In Effect

Yes, yes, y’all – you don’t stopYou keep it on – and shockin’ the placeWell I’m M.C.A. – I got nothing to provePay attention – my intention is to bust a moveI drink quarts and cans and bottles and sixesBetween the turntables keep the vodka and the mixesI’m Mike D. – I got the deuces […]

Putting Shame Into Your Game

Beatsie Beatsie Boys gettin live on the spotPuttin all kinds of shame in the game you gotWe keep the party movin to the broad day lightg.e.t.l.i.v.e. alrightTranshypnotic robotic can’t stop itNo limits to this style you know you can’t lock itFirst you mock it, rock it and then you stock itBut I’ve got the styles […]

Live At P.J.S

Well,Back to the beat y’all,Down with the sound so sweet y’allJust how fresh can you get y’allThose that are blessed say yes y’all‘Cause I’m a come inside and do my thingI’m gonna take off my drawers and let myself swingTantalize my tummy with a boo boo snackBut now I got to get back Gonna break […]