Just A Test

Like a flag at half mast as frames click fastNot a thing will last as past is pastLike stacks of thoughts that got played and wornUsed over and over till they were tired and tornLike a broken clock that can’t tell timeLike a thick ass book that’s filled with wack rhymesLike a scorching blaze that […]

Stop That Train

It’s 4:00 a.m. I’ve got the Dr. Hfuhruhurr AleI’ve got nothing to lose so I’m pissin’ on the third railGroggy eyed and fried I’m headed for the stationD-Train ride Coney Island vacationDedicated to the boofers in the back of the 1 trainThey’ll be kicking out windows high on cocaineJump the turnstyle I lost my last […]

Lay It On Me

Chinese eyes and Chinese suitsSmokin’ much Buddha and smokin’ much bootsMore updated on the hip-hop lingoMy favorite New York Knick was Hawthorne WingoMet a girl at a party and I gave her my cardYou know that it said Napoleon BonapartePeepin’ out the colors I be buggin’ on CezanneThey call me Mike D Joe Blow the […]


Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic Another DimensionDon’t you tell me to smileYou stick around I’ll make it worth your whileGot numbers beyond what you can dialMaybe it’s because I’m so versatileStyle profile I saidIt always brings me back when I hear Ooh Child>From the Hudson River out to the NileI run the marathon just up until […]