One More Chance

Can we talk a while?‘Cause I need youLord, I miss your smileSaid, I need youI know I’m not the same, ya seeIf we could only be, the way it wasThen I’d never let you go Just one more chanceI know I was wrongDon’t give up so easilyDon’t you know it’s killing me?Just one more chance, […]

Don'tcha Wanna

If you had the chance I know you, surely wouldAnd anytime I want it baby, I couldSaid you’d never saw it coming, did you dearBut you can’t run from everything you fearHey, don’t you wanna fall in love? (don’t you wanna, don’t you wanna, don’t you wanna fall in love with me?)Ahha yeahOh baby you […]

Freak Of Nature

I’m a freak [spoken:]excuse mewhat u said to me?oh no u said thatno I’m notI’m sorry but, you knowI ain’t that kind of girl look at me and see a little girl inside my skinIt’s a supernaturalooohso don’t be trying to push upon me babymy momma told me better than thatthe bigger you arethe harder […]

One Day In Your Life

I knowthat’s just it goesand you ain’t rightfor sureyou turned your back on lovefor the last timeit won’t take much longer nowtime makes me stronger, waythere’s nothing more to say One day in your lifesaid love would remind youhow could you leave it all behindone day in your liveit’s gonna find youwith the tears that […]

I Dreamed You

You walked in the roomand time was standin’ stillknew you were my destinyby the way you made me feelonly you in my lifeforever and todayyou’re everything I ever imagined my love could beyou for me Like the stars need the skyand the river needs it’s rainlike an eagle needs it’s wingsand the fire needs it’s […]