Paid My Dues

[Spoken:]You can say what you want about meWanna do what you want to meBut you can not stop me I’ve been knocked downIt’s a crazy townEven got a punch in the face in LAAin’t nothing in the world that you keep me from doing what I wanna do ‘Cause I’m too proud, I’m too strongLife […]

I’m Outta Love

OooohaWhoaYeah yeah yeah yeahOh yeahAha Now baby come oneDon’t claim that love you never let me feelI should have known‘Cause you brought nothing realCome on be a man about itYou won’t dieI ain’t got no more tears to cryAnd I can’t take this no moreYou know I gotta let it goAnd you know I’m outta […]

Overdue Goodbye (Reprise)

Goodbyeoohgoodbyeoh oh oohgoodbyegoodbyeyeah yeah yeahgoodbyegoodbyeyehagoodbyeoh oh ohgoodbyecome on and sing with megoodbyeah one more time, ah one more timegoodbyeoh oh oooohgoodbyeyeah yeahgoodbyegoodbyegoodbyegoodbyegoodbyeyehagoodbye

Overdue Goodbye

This is a messagepay attentionI got something to saypleasant information This is me walkingthat you’re wavingthis might get awaymy taste of freedom Goodbyegoodbye This is a callingnot a conversationno manipulationif love is a seasonyou are my winteryou are just the icelayin’ on my finger This is a messagepay attentionnobody’s gonna love me the wrong way […]

I Ask Of You

Whooo Your love is like a gentle breeze upon a brand-new day Your touch and what it does to me – like a flower needs its rain We are like one of a kind, true love is hard to find I can’t go on another day Just hear me when I say I ask of […]