Nothing At All

I suppose, for a man like youTo be the love of my lifeThat’s a lot to askBut somehow, I feel thr rightSo here I am, hey babe, with the tables turnedThe feear of getting burned, your hand’s been coldI want everything Or nothing at all, at allEvery, every, everythingNow what am I to do?You made […]

Black Roses

Whoa, hahYeahAha Tell you a story of a love I left behindIt was a broken fairy taleI gave up all my prideLet love insideBut tore me all apart when you played with my heart Let me paint a picture of a cold and rainy nightAs the candles fade to blackI played our favourite song‘Til the […]

How Come The World Won't Stop

hmmm Somebody told meyou were not coming homethe words are spinnin’ in timeand the air suddenly went cold The sun is still shiningbut everything feels like rain, ohand if I had one wishit would be to see you again Nothing’s fairwhen we loosewithout a moment to say goodbye How come the world won’t stop spinningnow […]

Don't Stop (Doin' It)

hahayeahare you ready to do this onealright thenlet’s gowoooohah come onooooh yeah (don’t stop doin’ that thing you do)oh, your sweet love is making me high, yeah yeah(don’t stop givin’ me all your love)I’ve been waiting for you all my lifeyes, you know I’ve been waiting(don’t stop, don’t stop)doin’ it (doin’ it)don’t stop doin’ it […]

Not That Kind

All the time that we spend togetherI won’t fussI won’t fight tryin to make you mineHaWoohAh c’mon I said I’ll love you ’til the 12th of neverBut I won’t run far aheadLeaving you behindYou know I’m not that kind ‘Cause I’m not that kind of girl(Not that kind)(Not that kind of girl)And it’s not my […]