Something in the wineThat accentuates the moodI’m like a child at schoolYou’re the blackboard I concentrate on youYou close the curtains, I am certain this is more than funYour fingers remove my clothes(As you let go)Beneath the floor one by one I feel so sweetAs you kiss my feetAnd you undress me as I …I […]

I Feel You

Fortunately I’ve been blessedBlessed with love and happiness(Happiness)Who’d have known a soul so…Pure could reach and save my loneliness(Loneliness) When I think that,Day to day I live a life so full of complicationsSo put by the thought of liesBut I just smile (But I just smile)At the thought of you (At the thought of you)By […]

Ha Ha

Ha Ha, Ha HaLaugh out loudHa Ha, Ha Ha HaLaugh out loud Could it be, I left my mother, and my father, and my sisterLooking for a job to pay the rent and buy my dinnerFound it, soooo boringYou see my life revoved around a long time loverMusic was his game I had no time […]


Gimme all the rhythm and blues niggas then rock the shots of liquor theymake me cum quicker rub between your belly like jelly R.Kelly you thinkyou ballin but your body’s callin free fallin all in fuck the bumpin andgrindin have you jumpin and whinin while I’m climbin i be doin groupslike Troup body rockin H-Town […]

All Hooked Up

C’mon on, c-c’mon(Say what, say what)Yo yo, there she goGo girl with your fine ass You keep askin’ for my timeYou keep tellin’ me, that I’m fine!Give me your numberI wont call!Give me your pager tooNot at all will I call, not at all I know that you want a piece of my ass,Don’t you […]