How To Love Again

you look so loney just standing therehurting from loveyou smile but cannot hide the pain of losing too muchi know your heart’s been hurt so many timesand you don’t want to fall in love againlet me dry each tear you cryi’ll show you how to love again just take my hand and we’ll fly awaychase […]

Here If You’re Ready

hay there ladyi couldn’t help but see you across the roomi wanted to go and talk to youbut you had something else to dothat’s why i waited a little longerbefore i tried to make my move’cause girl i have nothing to provei just want to be with you ya babythat’s why i’m here if you’re […]

So Much In Love

as we stroll along togetherholding hands walking all alongso in love are we twothat we don’t know what to doso in love (do so in love)in a world of our own (do so in love)as we walk by the sea togetherunder stars twinkling high aboveso in love are we twono one else but me and […]


oooh, tonight i wanna turn the lights down low turn the slow jams on the radio i wanna feel your body next to mine so let’s slow down and baby take you time ’cause when i look into your eyes always makes my nature rise-oh baby wanna get you in the mood ’cause tonight we’re […]

Here For You

i know i was a fool to let you leave my sideand let the most important thing slip slowly by my eyeswon’t make the same mistake twicei counted every minute since we’ve been aparti want so bad to tell you girl what’s in my hearti want to touch you baby and hold you again give […]