Remember The Words

You got to believe meRemember the wordsRemember the words When you’re down on your kneesAnd without a friendStanding afraid at the very endBack on your ownLonely and lost againTry to forget what you’re going throughThink of the things that you’re gonna doLift up your eyesLike they told you toTold you to Just remember the wordsYou […]

Beautiful Morning

What a beautiful morningThe best in life is free What a beautiful morningBelieve me What a mysteryThough the world’s on fireYesterday’s hard words is still in my headI feel no despairNo regrets or sorrowsCause this new dayMakes me dance on air What a golden day What a beautiful morning in my lifeThe best in life […]

Beautiful Life

You can do what you want, just seize the day. What you’re doin’ tomorrow’s gonna come your way. Don’t you ever consider giving up. You will fight, oh. CHORUS:It’s a beautiful life, oh oh oh…It’s a beautiful life, oh oh oh…It’s a beautiful life, oh whoa, oh…I just wanna be here right beside you and […]

Edge Of Heaven

Fire! I can see it burning so brightly. Fire! I can feel it calling out to me. And as the sun goes down,it starts to paint a picture of an ancient town so far away, across the endless sea. CHORUS:Lead me to the light and take me to the edge of Heaven.I’m standing in the […]

Living In Danger

Rap: Live for yourself, it’s a wonderful thingYou can so what you want, you can live in a dreamGet in, get up, get the rhythm, get down You’re living your life in peace and in harmonyYou making your own desisionsThat’s how it’s got to be for you and meSo many people are running around and […]