Can’t Stand Still

When I see a pretty womanYou know it gives me a thrillAnd she’s a tailor made to orderYou know I can’t stand stillAnd you won’t need a doctor‘Cause it’ll cure all ills And when I hear a noisy partyYou know it gives me a chillIt gets me rockin’ and a rollin’And I can’t stand stillFrom […]

Satellite Blues

She makes the place a jumpin’The way she moves aroundShe like a rump and rollin’That’s when she get it outAnd when she start a rockin’She bring me to the boilShe like to give it out some New satellite blues (new satellite blues)New satellite blues (new satellite blues) A picture clear for watchin’The dish is runnin’ […]

Problem Child

I am hot And when I’m not I’m cold as ice, Get out of my way, Step aside Or pay the price What I want I take What I don’t I break And I don’t want you With a flick of my knife I can change your life There’s nothing you can do ‘Cause I’m […]

Gone Shootin’

Feel the pressure riseHear the whistle blowBought a ticket of her own accordTo I dunnoPacked your heart in a travellin’ bagAnd never said bye byeSomething missing in the neighbourhoodOf her cryin’ eyesI stirred my coffee with the same spoonKnew her favourite tuneGone shootin’My baby’s gone shootin’Wrap herself aroundLike a second skinBacked her favourite nagBut she […]

Gimme A Bullet

She had the wordHad the wayThe way of letting me knowShe knew the gameCalled the playOh she hit me lowShe said, "Now you go your wayI’ll go mineAnd that’s a start"Doctor, doctorAin’t no cureFor the pain in my heartCHORUS:Gimme a bullet to bite onSomething to chewGimme a bullet to bite onAnd I’ll make believeI’ll make […]