Take On Me

Talking awayI don’t know whatI’m to say I’ll say it anywayToday’s another day to find youShying awayI’ll be coming for your love, OK? Take on me, take me onI’ll be goneIn a day or two So needless to sayI’m odds and endsBut that’s me stumbling awaySlowly learning that life is OK.Say after meIt’s no better […]

I’ll Take The Tears

Don’t speak, seal your lips,please don’t say a wordmaybe I won’t remember the words I have not heardI see that you’re in love, I know it’s not with mebut I don’t want the truth to haunt my memory It’s never too late to relight the fireit never stopped burning for methe flame, it never died […]

Forever In Love

Love leads to laughterLove leads to painWith you by my sideI feel good times again Never have I feltThese feelings beforeYou showed me the worldHow can I ask for more And although there’s confusionWe’ll find a solutionTo keep my heart close to you And I know, yes I knowIf you hold me, believe meI’ll never, […]

Same Old Brand New You

I can still remember the time you were thereWhen I needed to hold you, feel youEverytime I ask you to fight it awayYou lying awayIs it gone, gone, gone, gone, gone You said you’d changedBut I’m afraidIt’s something I won’t live to seeIt seems so strangeThat sometimes fateCan appear to be so real andYet turn […]

Living The Dream

Mark: Ohoh…oh yeah yeah..Where have you been all of my life?Where have you come from?Is this your first time too?It’s like I’ve known youIn some other a lifetimeWe’re part of the greycloudLike two stars that shine Chris: I stood here watchingWhile it only ever happen to friendsNow I don’t have to pretend Ben: Oooh…I can’t […]