An Attempt To Tip The Scales

Did you expect it all to stop
At the wave of your hand?
Like the sun’s just gonna drop
If it’s night you demand
Well, in the dark we are just air
So the house might dissolve
But once we’re gone, who’s gonna care
If we were ever here at all?
Well, summer’s gonna come
It’s gonna cloud our eyes again
No need to focus
When there’s nothing that’s worth seeing
So we trade liquor for blood
In an attempt to tip the scales
I think you lost what you loved
In that mess of details
They seemed so important at the time
But now you can’t even recall
Any of the names, faces, or lines
It’s more the feeling of it all
Well, winter’s gonna end
I’m gonna clean these veins again
So close to dying that i finally can start living

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