Show Me The Way (Back To Your Heart)

Verse 1
I remeber days and nights were never cold
Had you in my life, I had you there to hold
And I remember love warm as a summer day
But I lost you, and I lost my way
Now I’m in the rain, begging you please, please

Baby won’t you show me the way
back to your heart
Let me see a sign to know if I’m close or far
Lead me back to the road that leads back
to your arms

Verse 2
Every night another lonely street
I walk down alone
Searching for a light, your light to lead me home
Leave a candle in the window and let is shine for me
Take my hand and take these tears away
I can’t take the pain
I’m on my knees, begging you please


Take my hand, take my hand
take me in your arms
I’m out in the dark
Down on my knees (down on my knees)
Begging you please (begging you please)
Show me…show me…back to you heart…


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