I can’t remember why we fell apart

From something that was so meant to be.

Forever was the promise in our hearts.

Now more and more, I wonder where you are.

Do I ever cross your mind anytime?
Do you ever wake up reachin out for me?
Do I ever cross your mind anytime?
I miss you…

verse 2:
Still have your picture in a frame.
Hear your footsteps down the hall.
I swear, I hear your voice driving me insane.
How I wish that you would call to say



(Oh, no more)
Loneliness and heartache.

(No more)
Cryin myself to sleep

(Oh, no more)
Wondering about tomorrow,
Won’t you come back to me, come back to me.



I miss you….I miss you…

[CHORUS ’til end…]

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