Shot Down In Flames

(Yow! One, Two) Out on the town, looking for a woman Gonna give me good love Anybody want to hang out with me? And maybe burn me up? She was standing alone over by the jukebox Like she’s something to sell I said, "Baby what’s the going price?" She told me to go to hell CHORUS: Shot down in flames Shot down in flames Ain’t it a shame To be shot down in flames Singles bar, got my eye on a honey Hanging out everywhere She might be straight She minds on her money [she might [want my | got no | run for] money](?) I really don’t care, no Said, "Baby, you’re driving me crazy" Layed it out on the line." When a guy with a chip on his shoulder said "Toss off buddy she’s mine" Oh! CHORUS Hey you Angus, shoot me, shoot That’s nice, wow! Uh! Oh! Oh! Wooooh! CHORUS Oh Shot CHORUS I don’t want to be in pain Don’t want to be shot down in flames Ohhh

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